Abstract: Ad-Hoc wireless networks are self-organizing multi-hop wireless networks. Ad-Hoc networks can quickly and inexpensively be set up as needed Therefore, they are highly applicable in many fields such as emergency deployments and community networking. Mobile ad hoc networks have some challenges like the design of an efficient routing protocol. The multipath routing protocol with load balancing provides a solution for the congestion network and increases its capacity. To consider that the use of multiple paths simultaneously for transmission data allows to improve the network performance, we propose a protocol LB-AOMDV (Load Balancing-AOMDV), a solution to achieve better load balancing mechanism. In this paper, we also apply the Ant Colony optimization technique to the routing problem, after that we apply a extension of ACO that is ranked based ACO approach. We refer to the new modified protocol as the LB-AOMDV Rank Based Ant Colony Optimization algorithm .The main goal in the design of the protocol was to reduce the routing overhead, response time, end-to-end delay and increase the performance.

Keywords: Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm; Ad-Hoc Networks; load balancing; AOMDV; LB-AOMDV; Rank Based-ACO-Approach.