Abstract: India is rapidly advancing in the technological space. With the growing population and increasing Smartphone penetration, India is going mobile and digital. Smartphone and internet is not just for the rich and wealthy but more users are becoming informed by getting access of mobile internet. E-governance is trying its level best to provide e-government services to citizens. But still there is need to reach these services to individual at their doorstep. So  the looking at the current mobile age there is need for transforming E-governance services to M-Governance ,which promise to bring the “anywhere-anytime-anybody” e-government service vision one step closer. This paper presents an current scenario of mobile usage and Smartphone penetration in India. Information on the  current M-Government services and Which e- government services can be transformed to M-Government for a  powerful and transformational capacity to extend access to existing services, to expand the delivery of new services, to increase active citizen participation in government operations and to change the way of working within the public sector.


Keywords: E-Government, Mobile government, G2C, G2E, G2G.