Abstract: Now-a-days, many major e-commerce Websites are using recommendation systems to provide relevant suggestions to their customers. The recommendations could be based on various parameters, such as items popular on the companyís Website; user characteristics such as geographical location or other demographic information; or past buying behavior of top customers. In this paper, a book recommendation engine is proposed which uses data mining techniques for recommending books. The proposed recommender system will give its usersí the ability to view and search books as well as novels which will be used to draw out conclusions about the stream of a user and the genre of the books liked by that user. The system will analyze the user behavior by using the features of various recommendation techniques such as content based; collaborative and demographic. Thus, in this paper a hybrid recommendation system is proposed which satisfies a user by providing best and efficient books recommendations.


Keywords: Demographic Technique, Collaborative Technique, Content Based Technique, Recommendation Engine, Userís Interest.