Abstract: Image denoising is a kind of processing of image which belongs to image restoration, and the ultimate goal of restoration techniques is to improve an image in some predefined sense. In order to improve the power of signal to noise ratio of image, a local adaptive Wiener filter with Two dimensional block least mean square (TDBLMS) algorithm is applied to a 2-D image. Several 1-D windows could be constructed on the direction character of sub-image in the filter window after wavelet transform. To verify the feasibility of this approach, the simulations in the block-adaptation phase with the block sizes of 4 4, 8 8, 16 16, and 32 32 are performed. The simulation results show that this approach achieves a higher signal-to-noise ratio in each case of block size.


Keywords: TBLMS, 2-D, 1-D, PSNR, RMSE, Wiener filter, wavelet transform.