Abstract: Towers of Hanoi is a standard planning problem in the field of computer science. It has applications in various fields of engineering. Solution to Towers of Hanoi is generally provided by method of recursion. Recursion is an functional programming concept widely used to solve variety of problems. Recursion has been providing solution to this problem most efficiently, hence other methods of solving have not been explored. In this paper we study artificial intelligence method of solving the problem.Artificial intelligence is a field of study which aims at creating intelligence in computer systems. Genetic algorithm is a well known algorithm for optimization used in artificial intelligence. In this paper we have studied a method of solving Towers of hanoi using genetic algorithm. Parallelism is achieved through OpenMp.We propose a comparative study of both Genetic agorithm and Recursive algorithm in solving Towers of Hanoi puzzle. Results for the same are presented.


Keywords: Towers of Hanoi, Genetic algorithm, Recursion, Roulette Wheel selection, OpenMp