Abstract: Cloud computing revolutionize IT and business by offering computing as a utility over the internet. The evolution from internet to a cloud computing platform, the emerging development paradigm and technology and how these will change the way enterprise applications should be architected for cloud deployment plays an important role but these enterprise technologies are critical to cloud computing. New cloud analytics and business intelligence (BI) services can help businesses (organizations) better manage big data and cloud applications.Analysing and gathering business intelligence (BI) has never been easy, but today BI is complicated further by overwhelming amounts of data loads and the number of data entry and access points. New cloud analytics advancements may offer BI relief and even profit-increasing predictability for enterprises. These new cloud analytics applications can deliver functional capabilities that can be easily, quickly and economically deployed, producing tangible and measurable benefits far more rapidly than in the past. Many organizations that recognized, effectively analysing their business needs and providing the data they require to make the right business decisions depends on a combination of internally generated data and externally available data.


Keywords: Enterprise clouds, Business Intelligence, Analytics, business models