Abstract: The most important challenge faced by a public cloud is hacking or data intrusion. If an attacker hack the cloud they can manipulate the information or disable the services. We all know that a Biometric system can ensure that rendered services can only accessed by a registered user only. It can identify an authorized user by checking the physiological features of that person. Here I wish to propose a new approach based on biometric encryption for to improve the security of data sharing in public cloud. In this approach we combine the digital key with the biometric image to create bioscrypt. These digital keys can be used as the cryptographic key. During the verification the biometric image is combining with bioscrypt to retrieve the key for the encryption and decryption of the data. The cipher text is then uploading to the public cloud. And an authorized user can retrieve data by his digital key. This approach ensures the data integrity and confidentiality.


Keywords: Biometric Encryption, Bioscrypt, Attack, Public Cloud