Abstract: Introducing the new knowledge of Big Data for belief apprehension of large-volume, complex, growing data sets with several autonomous sources. HACE theorem that characterizes the features of big data revolution and  perform the operation in data mining perspective. Big Data e-Health Service application has promised to transform the whole healthcare heart disease process to become more efficient, less expensive and higher quality. This application involves data-driven model demand-driven aggregation of information sources. Big Data is transforming healthcare, business, as e-Health heart disease becomes one of key driving factors during the innovation process. Look into BDeHS (Big Data e-Health Service) to fulfil the Big Data applications in the e-Health service domain. Existing Data Mining technologies such cannot be simply applied to e-Health services directly. Our design of the BDeHS for heart disease that supplies data operation management capabilities and e-Health meaningful usages.


Keywords: Big data, Data mining, HACE theorem, Cloud storage, Hadoop map reduce.