Abstract: Mobile wireless sensor network is a subset of mobile ad hoc network. Therefore independent nods mobility is an essential property of network. Due to limited radio range the communication is also performed in ad hoc manner. In these networks the routing protocol played important role in route discovery between communicating nodes. Due to this the network suffers from the performance issues. Among them security is main area of concern in the presented work. Therefore different routing based attacks are investigated and a serious resources consumption attack is addressed. This attack using false messaging, or by modifying routing information network performance is affected. Thus an improved routing solution is suggested. This paper is proposed routing protocol is implemented and simulated in NS2 network simulation environment. In order to simulate the routing performance using two different network scenarios the performance is compared. And the comparative performance study is performed in terms of packet delivery ratio, throughput, end to end delay and energy consumption. The obtained results demonstrate the effective performance with respect to the traditional routing protocol.


Keywords: DOS attack, flooding attack, Routing Protocols, Security