Abstract: In today’s era, internet is the mean of convenience for sharing information over distance. Our day to day transactions completely relies on sharing of information and digital media. The sharing of confidential data can be done by using digital media such as images, audio and video etc. Certain technique has been brought forward to accomplish this sharing scenario. The enormous developments in the field of multimedia and internet technology easily let us do the distribution of digital media and data. Nowadays sharing of confidential data over network is a major issue, as there is a possibility of having threat to the information that we are delivering in terms of privacy and security. Hence it is necessary to find appropriate solution because the information that we are delivering needs to be delivered securely and safely. Considering this aspect, here we have implemented a system that hides the vital data behind an image in encrypted format by using multi-carrier/signature iterative generalized least-squares (MIGLS) algorithm, considering the fact that the quality of the image should not be differed, deflected or reduced.


Keywords: Digital media, Embedding, Encryption, MIGLS, Spread spectrum, Transaction