Abstract: Man interacts with computer in a number of ways, the interface between humans and computers they use is important in facilitating this interaction. New methods of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has been developed in recent years, such as interaction with machine using hand movements, head movements, facial expressions, voice, touch etc. HCI aims to improve the interactions between users and computers by making computers more user friendly .The paper presents a system for eye blink detection and head movements for communication between man and machine. Facial features (eyes and nose) are detected based on which actions such as head movements and eye blinks are performed so that cursor can carry out appropriate functions on screen. Our system provides a comprehensive solution to control computer mouse cursor movement with eye-blinks and head movement for people with special needs. The user may perform the clicking of mouse through eye-blinks. For detection of face candidates our basic strategy is use of Six-Segmented Rectangular Filter (SSR) along with a support vector machine (SVM) for face verification. The patterns of between-the-eyes are tracked with update template matching in face tracking


Keywords: HCI, SSR, SVM, VOG