Abstract: Timetable creation is a very arduous and time consuming task. To create timetable it takes lots of patience and man hours. Time table is created for various purposes like to organize lectures in school and colleges, to create timing charts for train and bus schedule and many more. To create timetable it requires lots of time and man power .In our paper we have tried to reduce these difficulties of generating timetable by Genetics Algorithm. By using Genetic algorithm we are able to reduce the time require to generate time table and generate a timetable which is more accurate, precise and free of human errors. The first phase contains all the common compulsory classes of the institute, which are scheduled by a central team. The second phase contains the individual departmental classes. Presently this timetable is prepared manually, by manipulating those of earlier years, with the only aim of producing a feasible timetable.


Keywords: Genetic algorithm, timetable, constraints, chromosomes.