Abstract: When using the secure cloud storage services on resources limited Mobile Devices, the confidentiality of sensitive data must be ensured before uploading the data on cloud storage servers. The complex security operations to ensure security are restricted to execute due to the resource constrained mobile devices. The huge volume of complex security operations are offloaded remotely on cloud storage. By literature review of existing security frameworks focus on reducing the complexity of cryptographic algorithms or methods to offer confidentiality and security. By keep in view the requirements of security and privacy of confidential data of users with resource restricted mobile devices, in this paper, We present a proposed security framework for mobile cloud computing. In this framework the cryptographic methods as well as algorithms are used for encryption and decryption of mobile user data. This Framework ensures the additional security and confidentiality of userís sensitive or significant data. This paper introduces the scheming flow of proposed security framework. This proposed Security framework is for the purpose to secure and provide privacy and integrity to userís confidential data in Mobile Cloud Environment.


Keywords: Mobile Cloud Computing; Cloud Computing; security; confidentiality; cryptography.