Abstract: Precision irrigation system is basically based on a detailed monitoring of information and data that are necessary for successful decision making in farm production. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are used for collecting, storing and sharing sensed data. WSN have attracted much attention of researchers in recent years. In past years an extensive research and development work has been done in the field of WSN in the world. WSN have been used for various applications including agriculture, nuclear reactor control, habitat monitoring, environmental monitoring, security and tactical surveillance. WSN have immense potential such that if properly designed and developed can be a solution to a low cost precision irrigation system. The WSN system developed in this paper is for use in precision irrigation system, where real time data of environment and climate are sensed and according to the sensed data a control decisions are taken so that we can modify them. The architecture of WSN consist of a sensor node placed in a field which sends the sensed data to the base station so that a global decision can be taken about the physical environment. This irrigation system promises to give a higher yield and lower input cost by real time monitoring of the field soil and environment conditions using different sensors and thereby improving crop cultivation, reducing time and labor costs.


Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Precision Agriculture, ZigBee Network, Soil Moisture Sensor.