Abstract: This is an era of smartphones. Nowadays Smartphones usage has become quite popular among the masses. There are quite a lot of android applications available in the market almost in every field. So this paper intents to develop an android app  that acts as a smart tourist guide for the users. In Traditional methods, a  problem  is  seen  that  the  travellers  do not  get  exact information while travelling and also the information is not provided on time. The app overcome this drawback by providing convenience to  the  user  while  travelling. The app serves following purposes: User  can find  a  companion to share the vehicle(car-pooling),share GPS location and track location of person in friendlist, decide  between  paths  suggested by  the  application  on  basis  of  time,  distance, find help in case of any emergency, help the user when he/she is in unknown region ,maintain history of travelling.The app aims to provide detailed Maps and GPS location tracking so users  can  understand better  and can  take proper decisions. The travellers can communicate with each other by sending notifications of their GPS location through SMS to other users. 

The  app works based on the principle of Near Neighbor Join algorithm to calculate distance between two nodes and to a given input node finding a set of nearest nodes using a join function.


Keywords: Android, Google Maps, GPS, kNN Join, MapReduce , Near Neighbor Join.