Abstract: In todays era, information security is an important aspect in which data is secure from unauthenticated user. Unsuspected victim attacks the information for economic gain, individual gain and for other illegal activities. Phishing is one of them in which unauthenticated person tries to thieve personal confidential information. To avoid these illegal activities we have projected a new paper “An Anti-Phishing Framework Using Visual Cryptography”. In this, image is generated which after exploit, decomposed into two shares. One share is kept with user and other with server. And when it requires that is at the time of login at particular site two shares are combined together to form original image. The image form by combining two shares will state that current site is not a Phishing site and also identify that user is authenticated one. So data can be secured from unsuspected person.


Keywords: Visual Cryptography, Encryption, Phishing Attack, Shares, Security.