Abstract: Semantic Web is actually an extension of the current one in that it represents information more meaningfully for humans and computers comparable. It is enables the report of contents and services in machine readable form and enables discovering, publishing, promotion and composing services to be mechanical. Ontology classification is the process of establishing partial order on the set of named concepts in ontology using the subsumption tests. Besides answering specific subsumption and satisfiability queries, it is often useful to compute and store the subsumption relation of all the concept names in the ontology.  It was developed based on the Ontology it is measured as the spine of the Semantic Web. In new terminology, the present Web is transformed from being machine readable to machine understandable. One function of the Web is to build a source of reference for information on several subjects, while the Semantic Web is designed to build a web of meaning. The foundation of vocabularies and effective communication on the Semantic Web is ontology. Ontology provides a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualization of a domain.


Keywords: Ontology Classification, OWL, Semantic Web, Web Services