Abstract: Network management systems provides an integrated system for sharing device information across management applications, automation of device management tasks, visibility into the health and capability of the network, and identification and localization of network trouble. By using common centralized systems and network-inventory knowledge, a Network management system delivers a unique platform of cross-functional management capabilities that reduces network administration overhead. An element management system (EMS) consists of systems and applications for managing network elements (NE) on the network element-management layer (NEL) of the Telecommunications (TMN) model. The element management system's key functionality is divided into five key areas - fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS). Portions of each of the FCAPS functionality fit into the TMN models. This paper presents a service delivery platform which aims to develop an enterprise web application that manages these 4G network elements through various modules to meet the required Quality of Service (QoS) using RichFaces framework. RichFaces is an open source Ajax enabled component library for JavaServer Faces which allows easy integration of Ajax capabilities into enterprise application development.

General Terms

SDP - Service Delivery Platform

RAM - Resource Assurance Management

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

EMS Element Management System

NEL Network Element Management Layer

NE Network Elements

TMN Telecommunications model

FCAPS - Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security


Element management system (EMS), FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting performance and security) JavaServer Faces (jsf), RichFaces, JavaEE, JBoss.