Abstract: In this paper, the effect of Hybrid Window parameters CG, ICG, ENBW and SL on the SNR values of the MST radar is computed. The six parts of multibeam observations of the lower atmosphere made by the MST radar are utilized for the analysis of results. Prior to the Fourier transformation, the in-phase and quadrature components of radar echo samples are weighted with Hybrid Window functions. It is noted that the increase of adjustable shape parameter ‘α’ of Hybrid windows increases ENBW and SL but decreases the CG and ICG. It helps to improve the SNR of MST radar return samples. Thus it is reported that the ‘α=6’ can be suggested for good results of SNR improvement in MST radar return signals. The optimum window parameters in turn yields optimum Kaiser-Hamming window function parameters are ‘CG=1.0382, ICG=1.5233, ENBW=1.4134, SL=0.829’, Cosh-Hamming window function parameters are ‘CG=1.0169, ICG=1.4888, ENBW=1.4397, SL=0.8343’,Hann-Poisson window function parameters are ‘CG=0.1487, ICG=0.0784, ENBW=3.5467, SL=0.9602’ and Kaiser Window function parameters are ‘CG=0.4991, ICG=0.3660, ENBW=1.4695, SL=0.8410’.This relates to optimum main lobe width and side lobe attenuation to increase the  signal to noise ratio of MST radar noisy data.


Keywords:  Hybrid Windows, CG, ICG, ENBW, SL, SNR, DFT, Spectral Analysis.