Abstract: Modern application demands high throughput and scalability. Achieving high level of throughput and scalability requires deploying applications in computer grids. But this results in intensifying database bottlenecks. Infinispan is a key/value NoSQL data store and it is a data grid solution written in Java.  Infinispan is exceptionally quick even when it deals with a large number of concurrent accesses. Infinispan have an end point called REST endpoint that uses http/web standards for providing services. If you want to connect to Infinispan data grids from non java clients, REST is the solution. Data inserted into the grid is replicated and can be accessed by client application from nearest location. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an alternative endpoint. It was developed for querying and updating data. OData protocol is built upon technologies like HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON. Accessing Infinispan data store from a wide range of applications is possible using OData protocol. Combining the features of Infinispan and OData provides a distributed cache that is having features like scalability, availability and open access to data.


Keywords: Infinispan, OData, NoSQL, Data grid, REST