Abstract:  With the tremendous growth of network technology, network attackers are also rationally increased to disrupt the activities and hacking the data from the network users by the intruder. To provide the security from the intruder is most important one. Many researchers were proposed a different approach for providing security they does not tackle the problem, it leads an untruthful in the network. In existing system they propose a game based intrusion request and response process by game play of header node to access the data by their correct play, from this if the real header play it in wrong method means all the client user under the header also suffer from the access of the data. To tackle this issue we enhanced the game theory based on the individual play in the network to avoid the suffering of misplayed game played by the header using the IPDRS Engine.


Keywords: Network Security, Intrusion Response System, Game Theory, Optimal Game and IPDRS Engine.