Abstract: Payroll is a critical operation for every organization to pay employee accurately their salary and enrollments on time.[1]The idea of taking control of employees pay calculations are quite tedious if done manually and require more effort and time mainly for big organizations. Hence if this process is automated, it would be of great benefit as it would require less time to calculate the salary of the employees. The software for payroll management system service on the cloud is provided as a solution in this paper.[2]  This system provides multiple user data access. Each user like employee or HR or admin can login into the software by writing username and password which are allocated to them from the company. It involves keeping track of hours worked and is capable of keeping a record of employee data including their pay, allowances, deductions and taxes on monthly bases so that fresh definitions are reflected from the month onwards, which leaves all the past data intact.[3] The proposed payroll system is advantageous as it provides a user friendly environment and also increases security and minimizes human calculation errors.


Keywords: Cloud Computing, Payroll System, 3-tier architecture, Payroll Working Process, Manual Payroll, Computerized Payroll, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ajax and JSON.