Abstract: Cloud computing is one of the most promising computing field, which has given the new vision to the computing field. Cloud computing has opened a door as a new model for hosting and delivering services over the Internet. The main aim of cloud computing is to provide the resources as a services to the client. The new concept of Federated Cloud Computing in which multiple datacenters are distributed over different regions. Since the evolution of Cloud Computing: load balancing, energy management, VM migration, brokerage policies, cost modelling and security issues are popular research topics in the field. Deployment of real cloud environment for testing or for commercial use is very costly. Cloud simulators help to model various cloud applications and it is very easy to analyse. In this survey, two cloud simulators: CloudSim and CloudAnalyst, with their overview are presented so it can be easily decided which one is suitable for particular research topic. And also the survey on the service broker policy, its issues and available solutions are presented. Because there is always been the requirement to select appropriate datacenter so that further tasks for processing the request should be carried out with efficiency in least response time. So the issue of selecting appropriate datacenter which is known as service broker policy is kind of important.


Keywords: Cloud Computing, Modeling and Simulation, Cloud Simulators, Datacenter, Service Broker Policy.