Abstract: Digital images are the most important source of information. The availability of powerful digital image processing software’s, makes it relatively easy to create as well as manipulate and make digital forgery from one or multiple images. In today’s world it is easy to developed the image forgery by adding or removing some elements from the image which result in a of image tampering. A copy-move forgery is created by copying and pasting content within the same image, and post-operating it. The detection of copy-move forgeries has become one of the most actively researched topics in image forensics department. The key objectives of the proposed method is to study the effect of different types of tampering on the digital image, detect image forgery by copy-move under many types of attacks by combining block-based and feature based method and accurately locating the duplicated region.


Keywords: image, image forgery, copy-move image forgery detection, block and feature based methods.