Abstract: Now a day in the present scenario in network security, mainly we are facing problem in signing for short messages. To overcome this problem we are proposing a scheme that minimizes the total length of the original message and also the appended signature. This research was motivated by several Govt. services interested by stamping machines capable of producing digital signatures. Although we have so many message recovery schemes, but their security measurements are questionable. Our paper proposes several variants of DSA AND ECDSA allowing partial recovery. Mainly the signature part is appended to a truncated message and the discarded bytes are recorded by the verification algorithm up to the signature authenticates the whole messages. Our scheme has some form of security based on random oracle model. By using further optimization techniques we can lower the schemes overhead to 26 bytes for a 2 -80 security level where we can compare to both 40 bytes for DSA or 128 bytes for RSA.


Keywords: Cryptography: Encryption, Decryption