Abstract: Inter server communication is most common word for the distributed system, it provide an interactive performance among the system. With the modern internet facility connection of server or interconnected networks is used for share the resources. An ideal system in the distributed architecture provide equal responsibility and computational power but an engaged system it fails to provide that facility among the distributed network and it also provide a load balancing problem when two or more packet send at the same time and some of the data were loosed because of collusion. For this issue many researchers try to balance the load of the server, but it improved in slight level only and if sequence of data occurred it may cause congestion problem. To recover the problem here we propose a Heuristic Algorithm (HA) to fully solve the load balancing and traffic avoidance problem and we also focus on security problem with the help of DSA Algorithm.


Keywords: Distributed System, DIA, CAP, Heuristic Algorithm, Load Balancing, Traffic Control and Security.