Abstract: The existing systems are either an electronic energy meter or an electro-mechanical meter which are currently in use is limited to record up to kWh units. The kWh units recorded by meter readers monthly, on foot which need to be processed by a meter reading company. For processing the meter reading, company needs to link each recorded usage data to the particular account holder and then determine the amount owed by means of the specific tariff in use. On basis of various platforms researchers proposed many system for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). There are various wire-based AMR systems like Power Line Carrier (PLC) and Telephone Line Network (optical/ cable) and wireless AMR systems such as E-metering systems based on GPRS, Bluetooth, GSM. Design of an Electric Energy Meter for long-distance data information transfers which based upon GPRS, but this system canít be implemented so easily because the regular use of GPRS is still a dream to the common man. A GSM based Energy meter with instant billing facility is introduced is efficient, but still the problem of missing SMS will degrade the accuracy and performance. A more reliable and user friendly system by creatingweb portal for multiple access using the advanced Visual studio .net frame workwhich will manage the data efficiently even if there is loss of SMS. It makes the design different from the previous proposals and also increases the throughput. The GSM/GPRS channel is a very useful means of communication as sending data as SMS turns out to be a very handy tool, due to its good area coverage capability and cost effectiveness. The front end web portal is User friendly and any employee with minimum knowledge of computers can work on this software. Employees can read the meter by sitting in their office.


Keywords: Automatic Meter Reading System (AMRS), GSM, PIC, Short Messaging System (SMS), Visual Studio .NET