Abstract: Biometric technologies are becoming inevitable in highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. With an increase in transaction frauds, security breaches  the need for highly secure identification and personal verification technologies is becoming need of the hour. The major advantage of biometric system over traditional methods is that they are typically unique for each person and cannot be forged easily.  Biometric use of palm prints uses ridge patterns to identify an individual. The Palm print identification system is most promising to identify an individual based on statistical properties of palm print image. Its rich features like principal lines, minutiae points, wrinkles, ridges and singular points makes it favourable to be used as one of the best biometric identification. This paper proposed the palm print identification system on GPU.


Keywords: Palm print identification, Biometrics,   fractional coefficient, Graphical Processing Unit (GPU)  , Discrete Cosine transform (DCT)  , Genuine Acceptance Ratio (GAR)