Abstract: Nowadays the main cause of death due to road accidents is not because of the effect of the accident on the person but because of the lack of care and sudden action after the event. This paper is meant to overcome this problem. Accident detector is a device which is meant to detect the presence of accident or shake over a limit that may occur to a vehicle during its motion. The system used in this paper is mainly a micro controller based system in which the functioning of all the components is controlled by a microcontroller. Here an accelerometer sensors the change in acceleration caused by the shake or tilt. The detection of accident is done by the microcontroller after checking the output of accelerometer. When the accident is detected, the location is decoded from the output of a GPS module and this data is send as a message to an emergency call center by using a GSM module.  

The tremendous rise in number of vehicles that appear on the roads have increased so much that it creates blocks and chaos everywhere. The ambulances running on emergency could not always make it in time due to inappropriate traffic conditions and signals. The paper is meant to overcome this problem. The ambulance is provided with an RF transmitter which continuously transmits RF signals. Once the ambulance approaches the junction, the receiver which is placed some 50 meters away from traffic signal post captures the RF signals which are transmitted by the transmitter. Upon receiving signals, the traffic signals are controlled for the unhindered passage of ambulance. The light goes green to all directions to the easy flow of traffic in the lane where the ambulance is. The light at all other lane will go red to avoid traffic blocks. This control sustains for a predetermined period until the receiver is in the range of signal availability. After the ambulance passes, the traffic control then fails to the normal sequential flow.


Keywords: GSM module, RF signals, GPS module.