Abstract:  In recent years implementation of wireless sensor network has been widely done by many organizations and researcher are working on independent and autonomous wireless node in order to make it usable at different environment and location where maintenance is not feasible every time. Many wireless device work on configuration stored on storage of device. The main challenge with these wireless nodes is that, it requires a physical connection in order to change its configurations or the setting. It may possible that wireless nodes are moving and working on self-generated power supply hence it become very tedious to find those device for manual configuration. Thus it aimed at designing and implementation of secure reconfiguration protocol for wireless sensor network where device will be having a provision to connect device and get the new setting and overwrite with existing configuration in device. The wireless device will be having different mode like command and action mode. While configuration device will switched to secure configuration mode and get the details from base station and reconfigure its setting for future use.


Keywords: Distributed Wireless Sensor Network, reconfiguration protocol, communication device.