Abstract: In wireless ad hoc network, the major problem is to provide reliable energy efficient routes which maximize the network lifetime, i.e., the number of successful transmissions. Residual energy metric is estimated for providing energy efficiency and improved reliability. In this paper, new energy-aware routing algorithms for wireless ad hoc networks, called Enhanced Reliable Minimum Energy Cost Routing (ERMECR) and Enhanced Reliable Minimum Energy Routing (ERMER) are proposed. ERMECR consider the remaining battery energy of nodes to find reliable routes and effectively reduce the energy consumption that increases the operational lifetime. In ERMECR, the energy  consumed  for  retransmission  of  the  packet  as  well,  when the packet  or  its  acknowledgment  is lost. ERMER finds routes which minimizing the total energy required for end-to-end packet traversal. ERMECR and ERMER are to ensure reliability based on hop-by-hop and end-to-end retransmissions.


Keywords:  Energy-aware routing, reliability, hop-by-hop and end-to-end retransmissions, wireless ad hoc networks