Abstract: In this paper, the masked two-dimensional array is modelled and designed to reduce the sidelobe levels at no extra processing or optimization for the elements locations and feedings. The masking will turn off the elements at the four corners with a circular boundary function and results in a redistribution and reduction of the sidelobes at the cost of increasing other negligible sidelobes. The new masked two-dimensional array has the advantage of easy manufacturing compared with the concentric circular arrays while maintaining almost the same sidelobe levels and patterns. The analysis of the proposed masked array shows that the sidelobe levels will be reduced by 4 dB at first sidelobe in the two major sidelobe planes (i.e. θ = 0o and 90o) and is more reduced by up to 10 dB at other sidelobes. In addition, the sidelobe levels can be further reduced by applying any other sidelobe reduction technique as add-on improvement to the array pattern.


Keywords: Array processing, Two-dimensional arrays, Sidelobe reduction, Beamforming.