Abstract: Now a day’s big data has boomed as a hot topic. The data gathering, processing, and analysis of this big data are very challenging process. The sources of big data are widely spreader across the world. The audio, video, text and image files are the causes of the big data which is produced by p2p application, real-time database processing, delivering contents, cloud storages, web contents, RFID and sensors. The main source of big data is the Wireless Sensor Networks. In WSNs we are using hundreds and thousands of sensor nodes. Each and every sensor nodes are monitoring the environment or the physical parameter and combining those data. The parameters are temperature, pressure, humanity etc. The energy of sensor nodes is the major role in Wireless Sensor Networks. Mostly the network failure happens because of security attack and lack of energy of sensor nodes. The life time of sensor nodes are limited. So the WSN should efficiently use the sensor nodes and the power or energy and also the throughput should be efficient. There are number of algorithms and protocols which were proposed to reduce the energy consumption. Here some important algorithms are studied for a better understanding of energy efficient algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks.


Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Energy Efficient Algorithms and Protocols, sensor nodes, energy.