Abstract: A new technology which we call as Long term evolution (LTE) has brought blazingly fast services to our mobile equipment. LTE, considered as representative of fourth generation wireless systems or the next generation wireless communication, is developed by 3GPP and is specified in release-8 to fulfill the necessities of this era. As LTE inherits a lot from previous 3GPP standards, it is simply the organic evolution of 3G predecessors.LTE has mainly four enabling technologies i.e. OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), Link Adaptation and Turbo Coding. These technologies together contribute and help LTE to meet its requirements and accomplish its goals including high peak data rates, low latency, flexibility in bandwidth, improved capacity, better coverage, multi-antenna support, seamless integration with other open standards and so on. This paper represents a survey on performance bounds in terms of QoS parameters of these four technologies. Different parameters have been considered with respect to different techniques. On the basis of survey bounds that ultimately become bottleneck have been mentioned.


Keywords:  LTE, Turbo coding, MIMO, OFDM.