Abstract: The increasing size of Biomedical Big data in Telemedicine Network server (TMNS) creates problem of over load and creates Transfer delay and CPU speed is decreased. This paper explains internet based Telemedicine workstation Setup Hybrid computing (Telemedicine computing, Cloud computing, Grid computing, Cluster computing) can be  maintained   complex  Big Data storage of patient details like X-rays, Biomedical signals (ECG. EMG, Pulse, respiration)Blood pressure, Temperatures, Scanning reports to store in large capacity server in Hospital. Cloud computing Technology can be stored increasing large number of medical data and reduce 70% cost of server in Hospitals. Grid computing Technology can tally the over load balancing of Big data storage in CPU and increasing the CPU speed at Telemedicine work station. [1-7].


Keywords: Include 3G/4G Internet ,Grid computing , Cloud computing , Cluster computing