Abstract: Studies of the earth atmosphere in the regions of Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere (MST) are being performed by radar operating at a frequency of 53 MHz. This paper outlines the MST Radar signal and data processing along with the test validation activity of phase switching interferometer for phased array antenna calibration. An advanced digital receiver based radio interferometer has been developed which has advantage over prior analog module. The system consists of RF module, phase switch controller module and Digital receiver module. The MATLAB program separates the interlaced data of SUM and DIFF, which were collected on the single channel digital receiver. The successful testing of the system is demonstrated by the signal injection with signal generator and software for separation of data sets of two channels of Phase Switching system that is used to increase discrimination and sensitivity of an interferometer in detecting weak radio sources.

Keywords: MST radar, Coherent Integration End (CIE) pulse, phase switch control, RF interferometer.