Abstract: Image compression is the application of Data compression on digital images. In DCT-based compression standards such as conventional JPEG algorithm, an image is divided into eight-by-eight blocks and then the 2-D Discrete cosine transform (DCT) is applied to encode each block. Another DCT based algorithm called as Modified JPEG compression algorithm [1], overcomes the limitations of conventional JPEG by dividing an image into trapezoid and triangular blocks according to the shape of the objects and achieves a higher compression ratio. This makes the JPEG algorithm much more flexible. There are many compression standards available nowadays to compress images with a higher compression ratio. But here, a new compression technique is proposed that is much like the Modified JPEG compression with certain modifications. In this method, edge detection algorithms followed by morphological operations are used to segment the original image into interior part and the exterior part. The proposed method is compared and is found to be better than the existing compression standard such as JPEG. The simulation result shows that the proposed algorithm outperforms JPEG with a high Bpp vs PSNR graph.

Keywords: JPEG, SA-DCT, Morphological operations.