Abstract: There is multiple meaning of single word, for example, the word “Cold”. One meaning of Cold is Weather and other meaning is viral infectious disease. Identification of correct meaning of ambiguous word with respect to particular context is nothing but Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) which is required in every field of Natural language processing like in Machine Translation for lexical choice for words that have dissimilar versions for different senses. In Information Retrieval, WSD is for Resolve ambiguity in questions and in Information Extraction for discriminate among precise occurrences of concepts. WSD is one of the demanding problems in Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP is ability of computer program being able to processes human like language like Hindi, English, and French etc. This document presents an analysis on methods for WSD and proposed one method which is based on Existing method.

Keywords: Natural language processing, Word Sense Disambiguation, Dictionary, Corpus.