Abstract: Generally for the diagnosis of a patient, we tend to reach out to our nearest doctor’s clinic or hospital. In the case of emergencies, we tend to panic and lose precious time because of various factors such traffic, calling problems, etc. In this paper, we are going to propose a system wherein the layman user can help in the medical diagnosis of the patient where we could buy some time. This system will use the concept of Semantic Web for data integration, whereby data from various hospitals and in various formats can be integrated into one, for resource discovery and classification to provide better symptoms specific search engine capabilities, for cataloguing for describing the content and the content relationships available. We aim to bring the data from different sources into a single format using Relation Description Format (RDF) via common ontologies and make the available data interoperable and using mining techniques to obtain significant results. According to the proposed architecture, SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language) will be used for querying with the main application server.

Keywords: Semantic Web, RDF, Ontology, OWL, SPARQL, E-Medical Diagnosis.