Abstract: In this world of smartphones, everything is now being ported to the mobile in the form of mobile applications. A huge number of developers and entrepreneurs are starting their venture directly via a mobile application. Also many existing businesses and desktop application are now shifting to the mobile application world. This rapid rise of the use of smartphone applications has put a doubt in the minds of the developers that whether their app will be a success on the play store or not. In this paper we are going to propose the use of data mining techniques to analyse whether the newly hosted application will be a success or not. The results from the techniques cited in this paper can be used by various venture capitalist and potential investors for the application to make an informed decision about the funding. This paper uses analogy for this purpose. The analysis of attributes of many successful application hosted on the play store is done and then the most important attributes are found out using data mining. The resultant attributes can be used to compare with the new apps to find out the success possibility.

Keywords: Data Mining, Ideal Attributes, Raw Data, Application, Classification, Algorithms.