Abstract: With the dramatic increase in the internet applications, security is becoming a major issue of the network. Intrusive attacks on the network are increasing day-by-day. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is used for ascertaining intrusion and preserves the security goals of information from attacks. Data mining techniques are used to monitor and analyze large amount of network data and classify these network data into anomalous and normal data. Data mining techniques such as classification and clustering are used to identify the intrusive attacks. An effective IDS requires high accuracy, high detection rate and low false alarm rate. This paper presents a survey on the different data mining techniques and digital forensics techniques for the Intrusion Detection and Protection System (IDPS). This enables effective detection of the both malicious and normal activities in the network, to develop a secure information system.

Keywords: Data Mining Techniques, Digital Forensics Techniques, Intrusion Detection System (IDPS), Intrusion Detection and Protection System (IDPS), Security.