Abstract: Nowadays, accessing information and exchanging of data in business industry is increasing but it also increases the risk of security. The state of the security on internet is bad and becomes worse. The explosive growth of internet has brought many good things, but there is also a dark side: Criminal hacker. The initial design for common communication protocols indicates that the technology was proposed to meet main requirements such as speed, performance, efficiency and reliability but security was not a concern at that stage. Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. Number of solutions is provided against hacking but they are unable to address those issues. This project provides security for entire infrastructure to protect against hacking. The proposed infrastructure avoids the three pre-hacking steps. It generates the trusted graph and creates the confusion in front of hacker. Hacker cannot understand the current communication infrastructure and it is difficult for him to break the system easily.

Keywords: Hacking, Trusted Graph, honey pot, Dijkstra’s algorithm.