Abstract: The transmitting and receiving antenna is one of the important elements of the wireless communication systems. To design any type of antenna, different complicated procedures are used. A single test takes large amount of time and also high cost. It also puts limitations on design and designer to make changes time to time to improve performance of antenna. So implementation of whole design in practice is somewhat difficult and consumes more time and cost. Simulators are available and able to provide practical feedback when designing real world systems. This paper represents different simulation software’s with their features, availability and also focus on designing log-periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) using CST studio tool. A Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools helps the antenna designers to design an antenna virtually before implementing in practice. Thus both the time and cost of the designing and testing is reduced and implementation of design in practice makes easy. Simulators provide a crucial role in both industry and academia. The simulators can be used as an effective means for teaching or demonstrating antenna concepts to students.

Keywords: Antenna design, Simulators, CAD Tools, Log-periodic dipole antenna, CST studio.