Abstract: A compact planar monopole antenna suitable for wireless personal area network (WPAN) application is proposed. By simply modifying the periphery of a rectangular patch, effective operational band 2.95 to 16.8 GHz is achieved. This band sufficiently covers the operating band, 3.110.6 GHz, of the new wireless personal area network (WPAN) using ultra wide band (UWB) technique. A prototype of the proposed antenna is fabricated and measured to verify the simulated performances of the proposed antenna. The antenna provides fractional bandwidth of 138%, peak antenna gain of 2.4 dBi. The proposed antenna is compact and of small size (20 X 30 X 1.6 mm3) with a 50? feed line and offers a very simple geometry, suitable for low cost fabrication using printed circuit board technology.

Keywords: Monopole antenna, wireless personal area network, ultra-wideband, rectangular patch.