Abstract: Fuzzy expert system is one of the interesting research areas in the field of artificial intelligence. Now a day’s environment pollution is one of the major issues running wide. Water is one of the essential elements in daily lives. In this aspect we need to have awareness of the water that we are using. Classifying of water resources to satisfy the water quality standards is an important issue. In this paper we are proposing a fuzzy expert system that is helpful for differentiating the type of water based on the parameters taken. Based on the expert opinions and national experiences, five water quality parameters DO, Ph value, BOD, Sulphate and Chlorine were considered as the significant indicator parameters to assess the type of water. Fuzzy expert system makes it possible to combine the certainty levels for the acceptability of water based on the approved parameter. This is possible because of having high variety of rules inserted in the inference system. Here we are going to explain how mamadani inference system works for giving an appropriate result of water type analysis.

Keywords: knowledge base, fuzzy logic, inference system, fuzzy expert system.