Abstract: In today’s world Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing are most popular trends. Cloud Computing provides a huge processing and computing capability to its users and Mobile Computing provides all time connectivity, mobility and software functionality to mobile devices like smartphones. In future these mobile devices are expected to move around the world and switch from one network to another. For such situation a mechanism would be required in order to provide all time connectivity with the network. So, it can be said that movement of users will add congestion to the network, which will result in degradation of Quality of service and hence Quality of Experience too. So a mechanism is required to manage the resources effectively while improving and maintaining the Quality of Service. This paper introduces a framework which will enable service running on local public Cloud to populate on another public Cloud as per the requirement. It also addresses the situation where frequent migration of services would add network congestion. This will prevent network from experiencing huge traffic load and will offer automated service and resource management.

Keywords: Quality of Service, Cloud Computing, Service migration, Mobile computing, network congestion.