Abstract: Illegal Access Point called as Rogue Access Point (RAP) is an access point that has been installed on a secure network without explicit authorization from a system administrator Wireless Networks has big security threat called Rogue access points. If care is not taken and if this network threats are not detected and mitigated on time, this will result into the serious network damage and data loss. Every organization should give priority for Finding and avoiding rogue wireless access points. Rogue access points, if undetected, can be an open door to sensitive information on the network. Many data raiders have taken advantage of the undetected rogue access points in enterprises to not only get free Internet access, but also to view confidential information. Most of the current solutions to detect rouge access points are not automated and are dependent on a specific wireless technology. The approach is an automated solution which can be installed on any router at the edge of a network. Rogue Access Point detection is a two step process starting with discovering the presence of an Access Point in the network and then proceeding to identify whether it is a rogue or not. The presence of Rogue Access Point (RAP) is major security concern in wireless network. If this kind of security threat is alive into WLAN, it results into leakage of confidential information to outside network. In our implementation, we have make used of clock skew of wireless LAN access point as its fingerprint to detect the fake APs. Fingerprinting will act as unique identification like human fingerprint work. The major objective of using the clock skew interval for detecting the fake AP is to overcome the limitation of existing approach. Existing methods for detection of fake AP has limitation of detecting MAC address spoofing.

Keywords: Wireless LAN, Rogue Access Point (RAP), Media Access Control (MAC), Internet Protocol (IP).