Abstract: Biometrics authentication is utilized as a part of software engineering as a type of ID and access control. It is additionally used to distinguish people in gatherings that are under observation. Biometric identifiers are the particular, quantifiable attributes used to name and depict individuals. In this paper we are talking about signature verification. Signature verification is the process for verification of the signatures for authentication of users. In the process of signature verification two types of scenario has been used, that are online and offline signature verification. In these feature the SIFT, G-SURF & SURF approaches have been utilized. These approaches utilize some parameter for feature extraction using key point. The G-SURF uses the global feature for the image and adds this feature with SURF feature to select optimum feature. In the purposed work we will compare the performance of this feature for the extraction of signature verification & evaluate performance for same database.

Keywords: Biometric, SIFT, G-SURF & SURF.