Abstract: Information Theory & Coding, Error Detection & Correction are the techniques that enable reliable transmission of information over unreliable communication channels. Error detection allows detection of such errors while error correction enables reconstruction of original data. The idea behind the error detection & correction is to add redundancy bits i.e. extra bits based on which data can be detected or corrected. The Turbo Codes resulted from the combination of convolutional codes, interleaving, soft-input soft-output decoding and concatenation. Turbo Codes are used to provide better Bit Error Rate performance over noisy channel as they come closest to Shannon’s Capacity Limit. We have to examine the performance of the iterative soft output Viterbi algorithm (SOVA) for turbo codes on an additive white Gaussian noise channel and compare the performance to that of the other algorithm to achieve the best results.

Keywords: Turbo Code, AWGN, SOVA, OFDM.