Abstract: Visual secret sharing (VSS) schemes split secret images in shares that are either printed on separate transparencies or are encoded and stored in a digital form. The shares can seems as noise-like pixels or as meaningful images; but shares are suspicious so there is high interception risk during transmission. To overcome this problem, we proposed Digital-image-based VSS scheme (DVSS scheme) that shares secret images via various carrier media to protect the secret during the transmission phase. The proposed DVSS scheme can hide secret image using selected natural images and generate one noise-like share. Secret image and natural images generate one noise like share. The natural shares are unaltered and inoffensive, thus minimize the transmission risk problem. We also propose scheme to conceal the noise like share to minimize the transmission risk problem. LSB and BIT steganography algorithms are used for hiding noise like share and comparative analysis is made.

Keywords: Visual secret sharing scheme, extended visual cryptography scheme, natural images, transmission risk, least significant bit.